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Sebastia Disagreement

سبسطية تعترض

yiru qian

United Kingdom, 2023

In 1974 Gush Emunim, an Israeli settler organisation, occupied Masudiya station, leading to the Sebastia agreement. A reexamination of the historical events surrounding the occupation through the lens of national archives and community oral history. 

 Arabic, English 14 min 49 secs


Jorge Jácome

Portugal, 2023

Dan, a young Venezuelan man currently living in Lisbon, collects magic mushrooms in the forest and distributes them in the city using pigeons as carriers.

 Portuguese 18 min 0 secs


Dan Taulapapa McMullin

Samoa, 2001

“My name is Sinalela and this is my movie.”  A fa‘afafine retelling of Cinderella.

 English 3 min 25 secs


Joachim Hérissé

France, 2022

In an old building, lost in the middle of the swamp, live two strange women, Siamese twins by one leg. At night, the Flayed has terrifying nightmares in which she sees her sister’s flesh covering her own body… 

 French English 14 min 58 secs

Small World

Bill Douglas

United Kingdom, 1968

A rare “talkie” displaying Bill’s gift for dialogue, Small World is a comedy of manners about two married couples who meet by chance at an outdoor café and think they have met before.

 English 6 min 27 secs

Stand-by Office

Randa Maroufi

France, The Netherlands, Lebanon, 2017

A group of people are presented within an office environment. Everyday work gestures are observed throughout the building. As the camera leads us through the rooms our perception of this space gradually changes. What does this office mean to this group of people?

 English 13 min 20 secs


Spela Cadez

Slovenia, 2021

The steak has been marinating for a few days now. The pan is heated. Franc’s stomach is rumbling. But Liza’s co-workers surprise her with a birthday party. Will she be home on time?

 Slovenian 9 min 30 secs


Lawrence Gordon Clark

United Kingdom, 1977

A young couple move into a remote country house in the middle of a stone circle. They employ workmen who disturb an ancient menhir, unleashing a supernatural force.

 English 31 min 52 secs

Still Life

Bill Douglas

United Kingdom, 1968

An elderly woman is admitted to an asylum and all her possessions are removed by the council. The idea came from Peter Jewell, who was working as a social worker at the time, but is reminiscent of Bill’s own family history.

 None 11 min 38 secs


Joseph Brett

United Kingdom, 2021

A brother and sister’s reunion picnic at a stone circle in the English countryside is disrupted by the arrival of an uninvited guest.

 English 7 min 32 secs

Suddenly TV

Roopa Gogineni

Sudan, Qatar, 2022

At a besieged protest in Khartoum, a group of young Sudanese create an imaginary television station to meet fellow revolutionaries. What begins as play becomes an urgent conjuring of a new Sudan.

 Arabic 18 min 40 secs



Natalia Chernysheva

France, Russia, 2023

A sunflower like no other chooses to take a new look at his environment. He will discover a totally different universe…

 None 4 min 20 secs

Sweet Like Lemons

Jenny Jokela

United Kingdom, Finland, 2023

A reflection on moving on from a harmful relationship. “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” – in this case there is no lemonade to be made, but the lemons still taste sweeter than what you left behind.

 None 5 min 30 secs

Terra Mater

Kantarama Gahigiri

Rwanda, 2023

For our land and bones. At the end of the world. Technology and waste, in our lands, our systems, our bones. Wandering our spaces, she cannot help but wonder, where is the space for healing?

 English, Swahili 10 min 7 secs

The Bitch

La Perra

Carla Melo Gampert

France, Colombia, 2023

In Bogota, a bird-girl leaves behind the family home, her domineering mother and faithful dog, to go and explore her sexuality.

 None 14 min 5 secs

The Body Dissolver

Dominik Ritszel

Poland, 2023

Professional boxers recall the moment they were knocked out, revealing recurring fantasies about the abandonment of the body and visions of ecstasy, exploited in various spiritual discourses and pop-culture alike.

 English 11 min 0 secs

The despair of monkeys

La desesperación de los monos

Julian Garcia Long

France, 2022

In Patagonia, the thousand-year-old Araucaria trees have almost been replaced by pine forests. Near my new home in Brussels, Araucarias adorn front yards. How have they become a petty bourgeois fad here? 

 Spanish, French 16 min 46 secs

The Film Might Be White

Filmen Känns För Vit

Sebastian Johansson Micci

Sweden, 2023

An art school has commissioned a promotional film. The final feedback meeting stalls when someone suddenly wonders whether the film is too white.

 Swedish 13 min 37 secs

The Great Safae

Randa Maroufi

Morocco, France, 2014

The Great Safae was a transexual who spent part of their life working as a domestic servant for the artist’s family, and disappeared in the 1980s.

 Arabic, French English 15 min 56 secs

The House of Culture

Dom Kultúry

Becky Miková, Becky Miková

Slovakia, United Kingdom, 2023

The House of Culture was once the centre of community in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. After years of neglect, it is now in decay and ruin. The filmmaker traces the building’s history through her family’s memories.

 Slovak, English 14 min 9 secs

The Last Paradise

Les Derniers paradis

Sido Lansari

Morocco, France, 2019

This is the almost-true story of Sami. In Casablanca, he dreams about dancing and Egyptian divas in the hairdressing salon where he works. One day he meets Daniel, who helps him discover Paris in the midst of a gay revolution.

 French 14 min

The Letter

Jack Guariento

United Kingdom, 2023

James, and his daughter Lucy, search through his recently-deceased mother’s house, looking for a mysterious letter that he remembers from his childhood.

 English 15 min 33 secs

The Lost Voices of Partition

Stacy Bias

United Kingdom, 2023

An animation showcasing the stories of South Asian women during the Partition of India and Pakistan, touching on the themes of mass migration, dislocation, trauma, silence, loss, love and hope.

 English 2 min 15 secs

The Lovers

Carolina Sandvik

Sweden, 2023

A couple enjoy a candlelit dinner at a restaurant. All of a sudden the man’s appearance begins to change. A stop motion relationship horror and unromantic comedy about a couple forced to deal with escalating bodily transformations.

 Swedish 12 min 58 secs

The Medallion

Ruth Hunduma

United Kingdom, 2023

A single piece of jewellery can hold the story of generations. Ruth was barely a teenager when her mother passed down a medallion. Together, they travel to Ethiopia to explore her mother’s story as a survivor of the Red Terror genocide. 

 English, Amharic 19 min 5 secs

The Motorist

Ciaran Lyons

United Kingdom, 2019

When a man refuses to get out of his car after running someone over, justice takes a very strange form.

 English 10 min 21 secs

The Park

Randa Maroufi

France, Morocco, 2015

A slow meandering camera in an abandoned amusement park in the heart of Casablanca. The film draws a portrait of the youth who frequent this place and exposes snapshots of their life, meticulously reframed and often inspired by images found on social networks.

 Arabic, French English 14 min

The Passing

Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan

United States, 2023

A Texas house call veterinarian must help his neighbor Cindy through the hardest day of her life.

 English 17 min 34 secs

The Return of Osiris

عودة أوزيريس

Essa Grayeb

Palestine, 2019

On June 9 1967, the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser appeared on television to inform Egyptian citizens of their country’s defeat in the war, and to announce his resignation. This moment encapsulates the loss and disillusionment of his pan-Arab vision.

 Arabic 13 min 45 secs

The Ridge Grave Girls

Junko Karo

United Kingdom, 2023

Ther Estridge, Angelwood’s Prom Queen-in-waiting, must break free from her small town’s ominous legacy of Prom Queens that die after their crowning.

 English 12 min 12 secs

The Role

Paolo Chianta

United Kingdom, 2023

A brother and sister approach a diner cook to play their father in an upcoming movie about his life. Their father was very, very famous. The diner cook is not famous. He must try harder…

 English 5 min 27 secs

The Sermon

Dean Puckett

United Kingdom, 2018

In an isolated church community in the English countryside, a powerful hate preacher prepares to deliver a sermon to his flock, but his daughter has a secret that could destroy them all.

 English 12 min

The Singer

Cora Bissett

United Kingdom, 2023

Joe is a young deaf man who dreams of become a singer. Only when he stumbles across struggling street musician Andy, who himself is losing his hearing, do they discover how much they can help each other to become a symbiotic performing team.

 British Sign Language, English English 19 min 59 secs

The Smortlybacks come back!

Ted Sieger

Switzerland, 2022

In a barren world TamLin travels with his herd of smortlybacks in search of greener pastures. They find themselves stranded at the shore. With help from TamSin and her disrespectful smortlysharks they cross the ocean.

 None 8 min 15 secs

The Sound of the Wind

Maria Pankova

United Kingdom, 2023

Yulia has become a refugee in Scotland due to the war in Ukraine. She is fighting for the future of her children while trying to maintain her relationship with her husband, who is on the frontline.

 English, Ukrainian 17 min 2 secs

The Tearaway

Eleanor Stewart

United Kingdom, 2016

A group of woodland friends try to solve the mystery of who is cutting down all the trees in the forest. 

 None 4 min

The Tornado Outside

Maria Tomazou

United Kingdom, 2023

Anna lives in a perfect house at the edge of a tornado. When she  needs to go outside, she is forced to face the chaos of life from which she usually hides away.

 None 8 min 15 secs

The Veiled City

Natalie Cubides-Brady

United Kingdom, 2023

A speculative city symphony inspired by London’s Great Smog of 1952, merging reality with fiction to consider the smog in the context of the present-day climate crisis.

 English 12 min 54 secs

The Water Cress File

Bill Douglas

United Kingdom, 1966

Playing with the tropes of the spy genre, The Water Cress File charts the progress of a mysterious briefcase, passed between several characters on the streets of Soho and, in a metaphysical flourish, into a film showing in the Pavilion cinema.

 None 5 min 48 secs

The Witches

Elizabeth Hobbs

United Kingdom, 2002

1590. King James VI of Scotland tackles the blight of witchcraft. Three fishwives in North Berwick set about devising a plan to save themselves from the King’s fearful witch-dooking apparatus.

 English None 6 min 21 secs

Their Accounts

Hannah Hunter, Hannah Kate Cameron Hunter

United Kingdom, 2023

The collective voice of the youth of the Scottish highlands often goes unnoticed and unheard. Young people living in Ardnamurchan, the most westerly point on the British mainland, share their thoughts on the past, present and future of their home and culture.

 English 5 min 48 secs

Tierra de Leche

Milton Guillen, Fiona Hall

Nicaragua, United States, 2023

On New England dairy farms, daily life orbits around the milking parlor. Here, machinery and cows come together as an exploitation mechanism of migrant workers from Central America, consuming their every waking hour and even infiltrating their dreams.

 Spanish 12 min

Tippy Toes

Louis Paxton

United Kingdom, 2023

Sam is a nice guy. But is he too nice?

 English 14 min 4 secs


Kervens Jimenez

Haiti, 2023

Kervens ‘Tito’ Jimenez was imprisoned in his native Haiti at the age of 17 for a crime he did not commit and was never tried for. These images were captured via a camera he smuggled into the prison. 

 Haitian 14 min 33 secs

Vices in the Kitchen

Vicios en la cocina, las papas silban

Beatriz Mira

Mexico, 1978

A portrait of the housework carried out by women at the end of a decade marked by numerous political and social movements, including feminist groups that disputed the fact that women had been banished from the public sphere, and thus confined to the household. 

 Spanish 24 min

Voice of the Land

Fala da Terra

Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca

Brazil, 2022

Amazonian activists of an agrarian reform movement create a theatre piece as a tool for educating its younger members about the forces of oppression they fight on behalf of all of us during this climate emergency.

 Portuguese English 19 min 11 secs

Wander to Wonder

Nina Gantz

The Netherlands, 2023

Mary, Billybud and Fumbleton are three miniature actors who perform in a 1980s kids’ TV series. When the creator of the series dies, they are left alone in the studio to make increasingly strange episodes for their fans.

 English 13 min 50 secs

What’s Up with the Sky?

Què li passa al cel?

Irène Iborra

Spain, 2022

The sun rises happily over the horizon and is welcomed by the most beautiful landscape. The humans also wake up and do what they always do: cut down trees, construct aimlessly and pollute without shame.

 None 10 min

When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Black Man

Jyoti Mistry

South Africa, Austria, 2017

The black man is always running, he is always chased, he is always running…Running to save his lifeA black man runs towards freedom.

 English 11 min 20 secs

When We Encounter The World

Leonardo Pirondi, Zazie Ray-Trapido

Portugal, United States, 2023

In 1934 an experiment by an amateur-scientist couple began. The Automeris Project placed a group of young children in an enclosed forest, leaving them to fend for themselves. On return visits, the couple presented self-made films depicting the outside world.

 English 11 min 7 secs



Arash Akhgari, Gilnaz Arzpeyma

Canada, 2023

The first part of a trilogy that engages with the Iranian feminist revolution from the vantage point of diaspora. Through documentary media showcasing civil disobedience and performances of protesters, it explores the emerging narrative for woman, life and freedom.

 Persian (Farsi) 3 min 20 secs

Woman in the Park

Bill Douglas

United Kingdom, 1967

A Hitchcockian psychodrama about an introverted man who pursues a woman with whom he becomes obsessed, demonstrating Bill’s improving grasp of advanced film language.

 None 12 min 29 secs


Sonia Fritz

Mexico, 1984

A depiction of the struggle of the Yalatecas Women’s Union, in a remote Zapotec indigenous community in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.

 Spanish English 45 min

You Land

Debora Maité

United Kingdom, 2023

In the remote Scottish countryside, a downtrodden woman finds herself drawn into influencer culture whilst in search of respite from the humdrum of rural living and the weight of her care-giving duties.

 English English 15 min 39 secs

your father was born 100 years old, and so was the Nakba

ابوكي خلق عمره ١٠٠ سنة، زي النكبة

Razan AlSalah

Palestine, 2017

Oum Amin, a Palestinian grandmother, returns to her hometown Haifa through the use of Google Maps Streetview. Today, this is the only way she can see Palestine.

 Arabic 7 min 0 secs