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20 Handshakes For Peace

Mahdi Fleifel

Palestine, Germany, 2014

A historic moment, repeated twenty times.

 English 4 min 49 secs


Basil da Cunha

Portugal, Switzerland, 2023

After a police raid in a poor Lisbon neighbourhood, a 7-year-old girl searches for her missing older brother. At the same time, a newly released ex-convict tries to start anew, free from a life of crime.

 Portuguese 24 min 50 secs


Sofia Borges

Portugal, 2023

A conversation between a traditional healer and a man killed in Fernão Dias, based on the testimonies of the last survivors and the families of victims of the massacre conducted by the Portuguese colonial police forces in São Tomé e Príncipe in 1953. 

 Forro Creole-Sãotomense, Portuguese 15 min 5 secs

A Bear Named Wojtek

Iain Gardner

United Kingdom, 2023

Displaced by the Second World War, a troop of Polish soldiers form an inseparable bond with an orphaned bear they name Wojtek.

 English, Polish 28 min 0 secs

A Bird Called Memory

Pássaro Memória

Leonardo Martinelli

Brazil, United Kingdom, 2023

A bird called Memory has lost its way back home. Lua, a trans woman, searches for Memory in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, but the city can be a hostile place.

 Portuguese 15 min 0 secs

A Border Between Us

Riad Arfin

United Kingdom, 2023

A couple from two different countries struggle to find a place to call home. One of them will always have to make sacrifices for them to be together. What does it cost to make it work?

 English, Other 13 min 39 secs

A Kind of Testament

Un genre de testament

Stephen Vuillemin

France, 2023

A young woman comes across animations on the internet that have clearly been created from her private selfies. An unknown female with the same name confesses to identity theft. But why?

 English 16 min 24 secs

All Gucci My Broski

Harry Plowden

United Kingdom, 2023

Jonny wants to be a good person. Jonny wants a lot of things.

 English 13 min 34 secs

And How Miserable is the Home of Evil

Saleh Kashefi

Switzerland, 2023

The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei takes refuge in a mosque, surrounded by his followers. Meanwhile, the protests outside become increasingly furious and violent.

 Persian (Farsi) 7 min 21 secs

And if you are a woman

¿Y si eres mujer?

Guadalupe Sánchez Sosa

Mexico, 1977

An analysis of the role education plays in the way gender roles are conceived.

 Spanish English 7 min

And Me, I’m Dancing Too

Mohammad Valizadegan

Czech Republic, 2023

Saba is in love with dancing. She wants to project freedom with her body. But this expression of freedom is forbidden in the religious state in which she lives. 

 Persian (Farsi) 20 min 0 secs

Ardent Other

Le Mal des Ardents

Alice Brygo

France, 2022

A stunned crowd faces a fire: fear needs to be conjured, fire must be turned into a sign.

 French 16 min 13 secs

Atomic Chicken

Thibault Ermeneux, Lucie Lyfoung, Solène Polet, Capucine Prat, Morgane Siriex, Anna Uglova

France, 2023

A chicken coop at the foot of a nuclear power plant sees its daily life turned upside down by a series of strange mutations.

 None 5 min 4 secs

Bab Sebta

Randa Maroufi

France, 2019

Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on Moroccan soil, is the scene of trafficking in manufactured goods, sold at a discount. Thousands of people work there every day.

 Spanish English 19 min 0 secs


Fridtjof Stensæth Josefsen, Morten Borgestad

Norway, 2023

An episode from Easy Peasy, a series about the struggles of the little man. Sadly, easy peasy isn’t always lemon squeezy.

 Norwegian 2 min 42 secs


Randa Maroufi

France, Belgium, 2019

A group of young women occupies a public space. They take on the same gestures as those of the men in such places: they play cards or watch a football match without minding the passage of time. 

 None 6 min


Kate Hammer

United Kingdom, 2023

Jude, a neurodivergent mess, desperately needs a job, but a giant, sentient teddy bear won’t stop getting in her way.

 English 11 min 0 secs

Beautiful Men

Nicolas Keppens

France, Belgium, The Netherlands, 2023

Three balding brothers travel to Istanbul to get a hair transplant. Stuck with each other in a hotel far from home, their insecurities grow faster than their hair.

 Dutch 18 min 35 secs

Big Moves

Sarah Grant

United Kingdom, 2023

Dancing as a plus size woman through the lens of pop culture. A radical and joyful reimagining of cinematic dance scenes with the bodies that traditionally get pushed to the back taking up space front and centre.

 English 13 min 35 secs


Eubha Akilade

United Kingdom, 2023

On her first day at a high school in rural Scotland, a London teenager is targeted for her Afro hair by a cocksure class bully and must harness her inner power.

 English 15 min 0 secs

Blinded by Centuries


Parinda Mai

Thailand, 2023

Navigating the evolution of consciousness in a speculative landscape. An auto-fictional retelling of Phra Ros Meri (Twelve Sisters), the Buddhist folktale rooted in Southeast Asia.

 English, Thai 13 min 57 secs

Blood is Thicker

Ruth Paxton

United Kingdom, 2011

A dark wee fairy story about runaway lovers, shot on location at Gosford Estate with a Sony DV Camcorder.

 English 5 min


Quentin Haberham

The Netherlands, 2021

When the most beautiful brush in the jar suddenly dries out, he does everything he can to save his handsome bristles in order to paint again.

 None 2 min 15 secs


Bryn Chainey, Andrew Brand

United Kingdom, 2022

On a prairie millions of miles from home, a grumpy space farmer is having trouble with one of her hive. A robot bee called Buzz keeps going rogue. 

 None 9 min 48 secs

Camiknickers Henequin

Kate Russell

United Kingdom, 2023

An exercise in playful creativity and relinquishing control, inspired by prompt words selected through a game of Chatterbox.

 None 4 min 9 secs


Jagoda Tlok

United Kingdom, 2023

Two care workers from different backgrounds face the challenges of the private British care system and rebel in a way they can afford.

 English 13 min 38 secs

Cause of Death

Jyoti Mistry

South Africa, Austria, 2020

Women’s bodies are always at risk. An autopsy report describes the physical impact on the body that results in death but hides the structural and recurrent violence on women’s bodies that leads to femicide. 

 English 19 min 5 secs

Chasing the Sun: El Shatt

Dohvatiti sunce: El Shatt

Ana Bilankov

Croatia, 2023

El Shatt was the largest refugee camp in the Sinai desert in Egypt during the Second World War. This transtemporal filmic journey reconstructs a fragmented memory of unknown history about migration in the Mediterranean.

 Croatian, English 19 min 30 secs

Chef Gustav

Luke Frangeskou

United Kingdom, 2023

A proud chef is cooking a fancy meal and is forced to fight a mischievous cat who will stop at nothing to steal the food he is cooking.

  3 min


Emily Munro

United Kingdom, 2024

The child in film is bounded by the frame and by the adult gaze. Can children in this situation find autonomy? How does the child through time resist oppression, violence and control? 

 English 15 min 5 secs

Chomp It!

Mark Chua, Li Shuen Lam

Singapore, 2023

Two crocodilian men go to a swimming pool to cool off. One of them is seemingly of a different and special kind; the other is unable to control his desire.

 English 11 min 35 secs

Cobblers’ Lot

Peter Strickland

United Kingdom, 2017

Loosely based on a traditional Hungarian fairy tale, this contribution to the omnibus film The Field Guide to Evil is an abstract retelling of a folktale about two shoemaker brothers battling for the hand of a beautiful princess. 

 English 12 min 36 secs


Luke Fowler

United Kingdom, 2023

Shot in Glasgow during the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in 2021. A record of security systems, cordons, and the omnipresence of police helicopters, and of mass protests, the raiding of a squat containing environmental activists, and the voices of grassroots collectives from the Global South.

 English, Spanish 6 min 45 secs

Cracked Screen: A Snapchat Story

Trim Lamba

United Kingdom, 2016

The self-broadcasted life of a young woman in London before, during and after a life-shattering experience.

 English 7 min 44 secs

Cross My Heart and Hope To Die

Sam Manacsa

Philippines, 2023

Mila is overdue payment from her employers. A potential love interest becomes a source of comfort through his constant phone calls. But the promise of hope may also lead to tragedy and sad love songs.

 Filipino, English 18 min 1 secs

Daydreaming so vividly about our Spanish holidays

La herida luminosa

Christian Avilés

Spain, 2022

Driven by their desire for light and warmth, British teenagers take a trip to the Balearic Islands. They must absorb the sun and store it in their bodies to take it back to their cloud-covered kingdom.

 English, Spanish 23 min 34 secs

Dede Is Dead

Deniska umřela

Philippe Kastner

Czech Republic, 2023

Death of a beloved pet is a difficult thing to deal with, and even though we try to prepare for it, it always seems to come too soon. But just because Dede is dead doesn’t mean that she is completely gone.

 None 8 min 24 secs

Dipped in Black

Marungka Tjalatjunu

Derik Lynch, Matthew Thorne

Australia, 2023

Yankunytjatjara man Derik Lynch takes a road trip from the oppression of white city life in Adelaide, back home to his remote Anangu community, to seek spiritual healing and to perform on sacred Inma ground.

 English 24 min 40 secs

Dreams like paper boats

Des rêves en bateaux papiers

Samuel Suffren

Haiti, 2024

Edouard and his daughter live with a cassette received from his wife in the United States, a long time ago. After years of absence, what can we expect from a distant love?

 Haitian 19 min 14 secs


Ross McClean

United Kingdom, Ireland, 2023

An operation ten years ago left Allister with damaged vocal cords and an obstacle to communication. His unusual solution reminds us that community thrives in surprising places.

 English 12 min 47 secs

Elefsina Notre Amour

Mahdi Fleifel

Greece, 2023

Deserted landscapes, ancient ruins and abandoned shipwrecks at sea. Elefsina’s archeological sites don’t come close to being as hauntingly beautiful as these dead ships, the neglected refugees of Elefsina. For how did they end up there, anyway? 

 None 8 min 59 secs

Ever Since, I Have Been Flying

O Gün Bu Gündür, Uçuyorum

Aylin Gökmen

Switzerland, 2023

A 60-year-old man who grew up in a nomadic tribe in the mountains of southeast Turkey recalls moments from his youth.

 Kurdish, Turkish 18 min 27 secs


Bill Douglas

United Kingdom, 1967

Displaying the cinematic influence of Bunuel and Cocteau, and inspired by a short story by French writer JMG Le Clézio, Bill’s most experimental short depicts a psychiatric patient who travels to Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, to warn anyone who will listen about the impending nuclear holocaust.

 None 8 min 51 secs

Film About

Cameron Nicoll

United Kingdom, 2023

A filmmaker dives into his inner self (or rather, his phone notes) to revive abandoned film ideas that had been casualties to fear and self-doubt.

 English 16 min 56 secs

Final Show

Sista showen

Freddy Wallin

Sweden, 2023

Livestreamed, humiliated and laughed at. Finally, they have had enough.

 None 14 min 50 secs

Flowers, So Many Flowers

Kiek Žiedų

Monika Navickaite

Lithuania, United Kingdom, 2023

A young Lithuanian woman returns home from Scotland, to her grandmother and a distant mother. She soon learns she will have to face several challenges while grappling with the impending loss of a loved one.

 Lithuanian 16 min 18 secs

for here am I sitting in a tin can far above the world

Gala Hernández López

France, 2023

A woman dreams of a future economic crisis affecting the cryptocurrency market. Thousands are cryogenized waiting for better times. Are they suspended or are they falling into the void?

 English 19 min 6 secs


Eve McConnachie, Chloe Rosser

United Kingdom, 2022

The experience of living with a neurological condition and what people don’t see; the minute struggles and frustration inherent when the body will not obey the mind.

 None 5 min 19 secs

Freedom is a Word

Liberdade É Uma Palavra

Stephanie Ricci

Brazil, 2019

Vespasiano is home to a penitentiary for pregnant women and mothers with young children. We see fragments of their daily lives: evangelical services, conversations, confessions, vanity, fear, punishment, memory and the constant struggle for the experience of motherhood.

 Portuguese 14 min

Friends on the Outside

Annabel Moodie

United Kingdom, 2023

Jamie is an incarcerated man who finds joy and comfort inside by foraging for weeds and caring for birds. A glimpse at how nature can take care of us and offer moments of connection in the spaces of the state’s neglect.

 English 9 min 35 secs