GSFF Online: Family Shorts Week 4

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It’s not easy staying in when it’s this sunny outside, and we know it must be particularly hard for those kids without easy access to outdoor space. But still, we have to keep safe for now, and we hope this next selection of Family Shorts will help a little bit! 

This week’s films are all about surprising little worlds occupied by unlikely and ragtag communities. There are stories about characters trying to make a home, and characters creating chaos; from a wandering cloud looking for company to a hedgehog’s defiance of his forest bullies; and from penguins hungry for fish to a man creating his new best friend in an apocalyptic world.

After this week, we’re taking a little break! If you like what we do and want to support us, there’s an option to donate at the bottom of this page. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our website and social media for more shorts soon…

Family Shorts are suitable for all ages.

Island  |  Max Mörtl, Robert Löbel  |  Germany  |  2017  |  3min    (GSFF19)
On a small island a bunch of exotic creatures run across each other.

Merlot  |  Giulia Martinelli  |   Italy  |  2016  |  6min    (GSFF18) 
In a blue fairy-tale forest, a grumpy granny loses a bottle of wine. 

Junk  |  Walter Tournier  |  Uruguay  |  2015  |  5min    (GSFF18)
Memories of life in an apocalyptic world.

Hedgehog’s Home  |  Eva Cvijanović  |  Canada  |  2017  |  10min  
The hedgehog lives happy and content in the forest. But his unwavering love and devotion to his home annoys the other inhabitants of the forest. 
(Age recommendation 5+)

Drifting Cloud  |   Yuta Sukegawa  |  Japan  |  2014  |  7.5min    (GSFF15)
A lost cloud wanders in the sky while repeatedly meeting and parting from newfound friends.

Ninetynine  |  Andreas Widder  |  Austria  |  2013  |  5min    (GSFF15)
The daily routine of the monster is only to make his way to the feeding ground to appease his hunger. Since the path is associated with several obstacles, the monster is dependent on the little imps who prepare the way for him. But what happens when his helpers aren’t there anymore? 

The Red Herring  |  Leevi Lemmetty  |  Finland  |  2015  |  7min    (GSFF17)
One sunny day in the Antarctic, a little fisher-penguin catches fish for his friends. Into this happy scene arrives a charming salesman. Dazzled by his confidence and his fish-shaped tie, the penguins follow him away, leaving the fisher-penguin alone…

Stay home, stay safe! 
The GSFF Team