GSFF Online: Family Shorts Week 3

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The Easter Holidays are coming to an end, but the current lockdown will continue for at least three more weeks. Far from ideal, but all the more reason to bring you another week of entertaining Family Shorts

This week our selected animations are all about parent-child relationships and how we learn from each other. Sure, parents care for their kids and teach them the ways of the world, but on the other hand the young ones might nudge the adults to be a little more adventurous and imaginative…

Family Shorts are suitable for all ages.

Hippo Hop  |  Patxi Exequiel Aguirre  |  Germany  |  2015  |  3.5min
Once under the heating sun of Anran, a sweating hippo mother walked into the cooling water of the river. Her little hippo kid wanted to do the same but it found out soon enough that it was too small to walk like his mother. On the bottom of the river it woke the attention of one little fish… and then again another fish, and then two fish. Together they thought up a solution.

I want to live in the Zoo  |  Evgenia Golubeva  |  Russia  |  2017  |  6min    (GSFF19)
Sasha’s parents expect her to tidy up her room, eat porridge and do homework. Sasha decides that life in the zoo sounds much more interesting. 

The Present  |  Jacob Frey  |  Germany  |  2014  |  4min    (GSFF16)
A boy prefers spending his time indoors playing videogames to discovering the world waiting on his doorstep. One day his mum decides to get a little surprise for him, which makes it hard for him to concentrate on his videogame.

The Girl Who Spoke Cat  |  Dotty Kultys  |  UK, Poland  |  2014  |  6min    (GSFF16)
In a dull, organised world a curious girl longs for some colour and joy – against the wishes of her rule-obeying mother.

I Am Not A Mouse  |  Evgenia Golubeva  |  UK  |  2015  |  2min    (GSFF17)
Every time Lucy is called ‘Mouse’ by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! What is Lucy going to do? 

Alike  |  Rafa Cano Méndez, Daniel Martínez Lara  |  Spain  |  2015  |  8min    (GSFF17)
In a busy world, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, Paste. But… what is the correct path?

Head Up!  |  Gottfried Mentor  |  Germany  |  2015  |  3min 
Two goats are learning from each other.

Stay home, stay safe! 
The GSFF Team