GSFF Online: Family Shorts Week 2

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We feel for all the young ones who can’t spend their holidays outside exploring and discovering new worlds, so for this second week of GSFF Online: Family Shorts we’ve chosen seven stories about characters on a mission. From a zebra trying to find his stripes to a stubborn cat with musical aspirations; and from a granny chasing her escaped pet bird to a character trying to flee its creator. 

Family Shorts are suitable for all ages.

Zebra  |  Julia Ocker  |  Germany  |  2013  |  3min    (GSFF15)
One day a zebra ran into a tree.

Outdoors  |  Anne Castaldo, Sarah Chalek, Elsa Nesme, Adrien Roquié  |  France  |  2017  |  7min    (GSFF19)
An apartment-bound only lady steps out into the big city after her pet bird is accidentally set free by the little girl next door. As she searches for her lost bird, she discovers something bigger than the city itself.

New Species  |  Kateřina Karhánková  |  Czech Republic  |  2013  |  6min    (GSFF15)
This is a story about three kids who find a mysterious bone and their journey in trying to find the creature the bone belongs to.

Cartoon Away  |  Augusto Bicalho Roque  |  Brazil  |  2013  |  4min    (GSFF15)
An animated character is tortured by his creator to the point the creature rebels and escapes from the drawing table. The human manages to bring the character back but only to discover that he can no longer eliminate his creation.

The Marathon Diary   |   Hanne Berkaak  |  Norway  |  2015  |  7.5min    (GSFF17)
A girl called Always Last embarks on an adventurous marathon through the ice cold and mythic landscapes of Lapland. But she soon discovers that the run is not going to be a straight line between start and finish. 

Hidden Talent  |  Miran Miošić  |  Croatia  |  2014  |  6min    (GSFF15)
The Feline City has a cheerful, sociable and songful small cat, Bjelobrk, but his ‘musical’ meowing is a nightmare for all around him because he can’t sing. When his best friend Lina shows him a poster for Music School, Bjelobrk decides to leave for further training. His departure proves to be a blessing of tranquility for the population of Feline City. But what about his ‘comeback’?

Jonas and the Sea  |  Marlies van der Wel  |  Netherlands  |  2015  |  11.5min
Jonas has dreamed of living in the sea all his life. But it’s not possible. Or is it?

Stay home, stay safe! 
The GSFF Team