GSFF Online: Family Shorts Week 1

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Hello short film pals,

A few weeks into lockdown and we are craving warm hugs and having friends and family all around the same table. We hope you are all taking care of yourselves and each other in these difficult times. 

With the Easter holidays starting, we thought we’d brighten the days with a selection of children’s animations, most of which have previously screened at GSFF in our ever popular Family Shorts programme. Of course, usually we’d recommend kids (and adults!) to not spend their days glued to screens indoors, but seeing as outside isn’t much of an option, we hope you’ll welcome these wonderful shorts, all of which are free to watch. 

In this first GSFF Online: Family Shorts instalment (more to follow in the next weeks!) we present a selection of stories about unlikely friendships and getting along in tricky circumstances – sound familiar?

Family Shorts are suitable for all ages. We would love to hear your feedback – particularly coming from the young ones! – and who knows, maybe it’ll inspire some budding young animators to get to work…

Stay home, stay safe! 

The GSFF Team

Frenemy  |  Vera Lalyko  |  Germany  |  2014  |  6min    (GSFF15)
A cat and dog are just about poised to get one over on the other. A mysterious incident occurs which results in them swapping voices. All attempts to reverse are in vain. Finally enemies become friends.

Perched  |  Liam Harris  |  UK  |  2016  |  10.5min   (GSFF17)
Hamish Fint, a crotchety old man used to a life of seclusion inside his precariously balanced submarine, struggles to maintain equilibrium when an unwelcome visiting seagull rocks his world. 

Bat Time  |  Elena Walf  |  Germany  |  2015  |  4min   (GSFF17)
When night falls on the farm, a little bat wakes up from a long nap and is ready to play with his animal friends. The only problem is that all of his friends are fast asleep.

Avocado Bear  |  Thomas Fraser  |  UK  |  2014  |  5min   (GSFF15)
A particularly over-ripe avocado bear experiences a hollow feeling when he suddenly finds himself without the precious stone set in his belly. However, a fresh encounter may uncover what he’s truly been missing all along…

Pointy  |  Amy Bruning  |  UK  |  2018  |  5min   (GSFF19)
A strange pointy boy just wants to fit in and have fun. Will he be accepted into a round soft world that is so different from his? Or is he just too pointy? 

LINK  |  Robert Löbel  |  Germany  |  2017  |  8min   (GSFF19)
Two characters are linked by their hair. They influence each other by every move they make, wherever they go.

The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse  |  Camille Chaix, Hugo Jean, Juliette Jourdan, Marie Pillier, Kévin Roger  |  France  |  2015  |  6,5min
A lonesome fox hunts a mouse and their relationship will evolve as two owls interfere with the hunt.

Stay home, stay safe! 
The GSFF Team