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GSFF is one of the fastest growing international showcases for short form moving image, whether narrative fiction, documentary, animation or artists’ moving image, and a leading platform for upcoming film talent in Scotland and beyond. Attracting an audience of 4,500+, and 250+ filmmakers and delegates each year, GSFF is an inclusive and fiercely friendly event.

It showcases daring work, and brings new artists into the public arts sphere.

Harvey Gardner, SHED
GSFF23: Lebanese Focus – Trapped Q&A with Nicolas Khabbaz from Beirut Shorts and Warsha’s director Dania Bdeir. Photo by Ingrid Mur

I’d say it’s the home of Scottish short film.

Filmmaker, Scottish Competition

In mid-2019 GSFF became an independent charitable organisation, opening up an exciting new chapter and structure to expand our activities. Aside from our annual festival, we work with cinemas and community venues across Scotland and focus on local talent development.

If you like what we do and would like to help us build on our successes, please consider supporting us in one of the following ways: