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Welcome to the Multiverse

25 March

Dare to venture beyond the screen? Into orbits outside the algorithm? For one night of lunacy, GSFF welcomes you to its very own Multiverse of animated madness, flaunting the weirdest and wildest world-building the art form has to offer. From humble humanoids, to animal hybrids, we look behind the velvet curtain of daily motions and journey through autonomous worlds unknown. 

This late night screening will be followed by a very special set from Round Earth Theory in Civic House Canteen, for a jam-packed evening of audio-visual oddities and dancing til dawn(ish). Free entry. 

All films captioned for d/Deaf viewers.


A hand-drawn sequential telling of human history in all its horror and glory, culminating in our next evolutionary leap.

Aeons Ark

A futuristic flood epic which depicts the destruction of a future world by a momentous flood.

Botanica Exotica

A magnetic storm is approaching the solar system which affects all living things differently. On a remote planet, a plant-loving ex-scientist’s lonely life is in danger.


Getting ready for bed, a woman takes a dive inside her own body.


In a visually colourful labyrinth of observations, the protagonists try to make sense of nonsense - or they stay mindlessly in it.


A study of the daily motions and mundane tasks of contemporary city life featuring hundreds of looping characters.

Red Rover

When a robotic rover starts drilling for signs of life on Mars, the race is on for one tiny rock-beast to save her native community from the invader from Earth.

Doom Cruise

Passengers on a cruise ship are forced to come to terms with their inevitable doom.

  • Recommended age 18+
  • Duration 1h30m
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