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Vision of Paradise


The great voyages to the "New World" were seen as expanding the frontiers of the visible and displacing those of the invisible, therefore maps from that time render the real and imaginary. The film follows a voyage of the Brazilian Military in search of an imaginary island with the same name as their country. Hy-Brazil is thought to exist to the west of Ireland and above the Fortunate Islands. Vision of Paradise is an examination of the capacity of the human imagination and computer simulations to construct environments. Amidst the fine threshold of the real, simulated, and imagined, the film analyses the contemporary ideas of virtual reality and their ambition to expand the frontiers of the physical world into a "New World".

Going back to the myth of a phantom island, Hy-Brasil, which has been documented on maps yet never really located, Leonardo Pirondi shows how various worlds have been constructed throughout history, whilst incorporating current ideas of a blur between virtual space and reality. With the soft and tranquil observational shots of the researchers and designers, and glitchy computer generated images, we are taken into the complex analysis of perception - its limitations, fluctuations and deceptions. 

The tension between the real and unreal is consistently intensified by the filmmaker’s well-conceived tricks on the perception of the viewers, which often expose Baudrillard’s views on a simulative character of the reality and uphold a feeling of peculiar comfort amongst confusion and various states of visual delusions. The everlasting human urge for utopian perfection has been combined with the limitations of our own eyes and brains that are cleverly confronted with the shadows of the manipulative side of technology.

Aleksandra Ławska

Director filmography: Effulgent Gleam (2022), The Perfect Room (2022), What Remains (2022), If a Tree Falls in a Forest (2021), In Search of Mount Analogue (2021), Earth had issues Loading… (2020), Benning's Dream (2020), This is Mine, This is Yours (2019)

  • Director Leonardo Pirondi
  • Country Brazil, USA, UK
  • Year 2022
  • Duration 16m
  • Scottish Premiere


Bill Douglas Award 6: Each their own frontiers

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