Sliced up fragments, zipping and framing as the print struggles to make it through the frame, a woman stands and turns, a sculpture appears, a lawnmower mows, shredding and falling apart.

"Accumulated over three years, Joshua Gen Solondz’s film is a crowded collage of gurgling paint, jagged splices, errant sprocket holes, and puzzling images that conjure the densely material frames of the late queer avant-garde filmmaker Luther Price. A messy assemblage in purples and oranges, NE CORRIDOR is at once a visceral explosion of color and a tortured object." Leo Goldsmith

Director filmography: In Praise of Shadows (2021), Goodnight Kiss (2021), SwampThings the Supanicks Series (2020), (tourism studies) (2019), babs (2019), Supanicks Studies (2019), NIGHTMARE ARSON FIRE (2017), FAILURES (2017), LUNA E SANTUR (2016), HELLO THIS IS GOD TALKING (2015), TV (2014), Perfect Fantasy (2014), Lapse (2014), Carbidopa Sandwich (2014), it's not a prison if you never try the door (2013), AGAINST LANDSCAPE (2013), My Feelings are Dry (2013), PRISONER'S CINEMA (2012), BURNING STAR (2011), RED (2011), Shitty Symphonies/Moca Boca (2010), Outsourcing (2010), KERATIN RESERVE (2009), Blowup Batman (2009), Too Late (2009), MOCA BOCA (2009), Videos with Mom (2008), Graphic (2008), No (2008), Graduation (2008), Kamen Looper (2008), DEVIATIONS FROM THE WHEEL (2007),  Orbison (2007), Momcut (2006)

  • Director Joshua Gen Solondz
  • Country USA
  • Year 2022
  • Duration 7m
  • European Premiere


Alchemy Film & Arts presents: Islands that Come and Go

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