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Recalling the endless scrolling of social networks, a camera shifts from space to space, settling on the profiles of various young people: YouTubers, Instagrammers, influencers etc, exploiting their images as if they were the only possibility of a professional future, of celebrity. In My Network adds a final layer to its mise-en-scène through the figure of a sanitation worker; someone of an entirely different generation, whose regard on proceedings functions doubly as our own.

In a mediation on influencer culture, Randa Maroufi prioritises sympathy and insight over judgement and exposure. Reflected in the stable yet passive movement of the rotating camerawork, the viewer experiences a carousel of sets and performers. The constructed sets transform into the homes of rich teens promoting their perfect lives and favourite products, only for the camera to slowly move to another artificial world and peddling youth. And yet, the tone is not of seething anti-technology so often touted today but rather a reflection on the darker world of this mode of work. The studio space hums with a liminality, conveying the convergence of online culture with a reality that has no grounding. The falseness is undeniable, an uncomfortable glimpse into the vapidity of online content, however the talent and genuine belief of these teenager’s graft is plain to see. A shot lingers at the end, showing our teens immersed in their phones, trapped in the same world of their own creation.

Grace Coletta Feinmann 

Director's filmography: Les Plieurs (2021), Bab Sebta (2019), Stand By Office (2017), The Park (2015), The Great Safae (2014).


  • Director Randa Maroufi
  • Country France
  • Year 2021
  • Duration 16 min
  • UK Premiere


Bill Douglas Award 4: Clocking On (N/C 18+)

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