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For Shorts and Giggles

18 August


GSFF 2020 Online

For Shorts & Giggles streams live at 21.30 on Tuesday 18 August, then is available to view on demand for 48 hours.

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This year our comedy shorts programme is pure filth. Wall to wall sex - orgies, VR, mermaids, strap-ons, bananas... Only it never really works out as planned, does it? Mothers interfere, messages are misread and pots boil over. Still, there are moments of grace to be found amongst the abject humiliation, not to mention a dog that can operate a 3D printer. You can do this. You're a liberated being, not a repressed Rupert. Take a deep breath, slip on your animal onesie and join the party.


The music video shoot is about to begin. How far are the men willing to stretch their boundaries? It’s just bananas!

Are you hungry?

An over-protective single mum tries to guide her son safely to the haven of homosexuality.

This Is Pig Meat

I used to be a vegetarian. Pigs used to be my friends. Now I eat them quite a lot.

The Last Mermaid

A whisky-swigging middle-aged Glaswegian mermaid discovers she is the last of her species.


A young woman's wildest dream comes true in this tragic tale of psychotic determination and self medication...

An Orgy In Joshua Tree

A nervous guy is invited to a weekend in Joshua Tree - terrified that he may have been invited to an orgy…

The Plunge

After a night of passion Emily tells Jay that she’d like to use a strap-on.

  • Duration 1h30m
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