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A short animation, a moving painting, a music video and an experiment in creating narrative using neural networks. EONS was created entirely using artificial neural nets (AI): The Generative Adversarial Net BigGAN (Andrew Brock et al.) was used to create the visuals, while the Music was composed by Music Transformer (Anna Huang et al.).

EONS was among the very first examples of animations or short films which were made entirely using AI tools, substantially before such tools became more mature, high-resolution and widely available. The score was composed by an early transformer-type neural network, an early version of the same technology that underlies today's ChatGPT and similar conversational AIs.

Artistically, this work aims to remind us of our short and myopic existence on this planet, our relationship with nature at geological timescales, which, despite all our accumulated scientific knowledge, remain emotionally incomprehensible to us. The time of modern Homo sapiens may well turn out to be but a brief moment in the vastness of time.

Director filmography: First film

  • Director Mike Tyka
  • Country USA
  • Year 2020
  • Duration 3m
  • International Premiere


Rise of the Empathy Machines: Do You See What (A)I See?

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