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All Her Beautiful Green Remains in Tears


Walt Disney's Nature's Half Acre (1951) is a sexist parable about domesticated post-war suburbia: nest building, chick rearing, mother love, industrious insects, and traditional gender roles.

Footage from the film is reworked and given a new voiceover - replacing the paternal voice of Winston Hibler - which also focuses on romantic anthropomorphism. The difference is this voiceover has been generated by a neural network in collaboration with filmmaker Amy Cutler, using an A.I. which has learned its existence entirely from reading the female protagonist voice in 14 million passages of romance novels.

Using image recognition/ closed captioning, it tells an entirely different story of the “birds and the bees” of nature documentary: one of female desire, trauma, masochism, and emotional fantasy. The soundtrack is by the musician Leafcutter John, who specialises in creating natural landscapes and ecologies from generated noise, often using DIY gadgets. The software was run by Anna Ridler.

  • Director Amy Cutler
  • Country UK
  • Year 2018
  • Duration 11m


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