These films screened at the 16th edition of Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Short Films

Image for Don’t Blow It Up

Don’t Blow It Up

Two friends are playing with a ball when an argument breaks out, and their resentment makes them inflate like balloons.

Image for Donna


Donna is visiting a feminist art gallery when beautiful Don Nathaniel shows up. Should she resist?

Image for Doom Cruise

Doom Cruise

Passengers on a cruise ship are forced to come to terms with their inevitable doom.

Image for Earworm


Two knuckleheads face off against a tape cassette dwelling worm that really wants inside their ear holes.

Image for Embers from Yesterday, Aflame.

Embers from Yesterday, Aflame.

Evoking the tension between transience and continuity by mediating on hallucinatory images of withering trees, trivial occurrences of daily life and the physical intimacy of celluloid films.

Image for Eons


Created entirely using artificial neural nets (AI). The time of modern Homo sapiens may well turn out to be but a brief moment in the vastness of time.​

Image for Estuary


A sensory journey of elements, light and illusions captured along the lochs, rivers and coastlines of Scotland.

Image for Excitement Is Not Part Of My Feeling Repertoire

Excitement Is Not Part Of My Feeling Repertoire

A detective, a neanderthal woman and a modern man: linked through extinction they meet in the now. And then there are wild swines, a species that is particularly good at surviving...

Image for Family Fugue

Family Fugue

Spanning across eight centuries, this conceptual film uses family history to tell a story of haunting, disagreement, criticism and self doubt.

Image for Floored


In the medical tent at a techno rave, an unusual bond is struck between a raver and the steward that looks after him.

Image for Flores del Otro Patio

Flores del Otro Patio

In the north of Colombia, a group of queer activists use extravagant performative actions to denounce the disastrous exploitation by the country's largest coal mine.

Image for Forest Song

Forest Song

A spirited Saramaccan song serves as a guiding force to explore the Saramaccan Maroons' rich and powerful way of being in the world.

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