Short Films

Image for !!! Piping Hot !!!

!!! Piping Hot !!!

Julie wants her brother Duncan to help her create new family memories by recreating their grandparent's ritual of Soupy Sunday. He's not so keen.

Image for (Fool Time) JOB

(Fool Time) JOB

Pedro has found a job. It's true that the job is rather strange... But the important thing is to have a job... Isn't it ?

Image for 2 Spirit Dream Catcher Dot Com

2 Spirit Dream Catcher Dot Com

Examining the forces of capitalism through envisioning a "financially unfeasible" service for a small minority community.

Image for 3 Logical Exits

3 Logical Exits

A sociological meditation on the different “exits” that young Palestinians in refugee camps choose.

Image for A Second Family

A Second Family

A few years ago, Amina was enrolled in a school for deaf children even though she could hear perfectly well. That day Amina’s life changed forever.

Image for A Souvenir from Switzerland

A Souvenir from Switzerland

Sorayos catches up with a friend on returning to Thailand after a festival screening in Switzerland.

Image for A Whale's Tale

A Whale's Tale

Under the sea a whale tries to help the smaller creatures who are struggling with plastic waste.

Image for Acceptable Face

Acceptable Face

How would the 'ideal' respectable queer person look, act, and let people know that they’re not “that kind of gay”?

Image for Alan Vega, Just a Million Dreams

Alan Vega, Just a Million Dreams

This intimate portrait depicts the moving and rebellious soul of groundbreaking visual artist and pioneer of minimalist electronic rock, Alan Vega.

Image for Algo Rhythm

Algo Rhythm

Data analytics is widely used to profile and micro-target consumers and to predict behaviour. What is at stake within the political realm?

Image for All Movements Should Kill the Wind

All Movements Should Kill the Wind

Two hundred kilometers from Beijing, men live among rocks waiting to be broken, cut, sanded.

Image for All the Fires the Fire

All the Fires the Fire

It’ s the hunting season. Can a bird’s heart stop in the sky with no bullets coming through its body?

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