Technical Support

This page provides general advice on ensuring the best online viewing conditions possible. If you are experiencing playback issues and none of the following advice solves your problem, please email and we will try and resolve your problem as soon as possible. Please note this is not a 24 hour helpline and we may not be able to get back to you immediately.

Our online hub should be viewable on any internet browser, however for the best results we would recommend using Google Chrome.

The hub's performance will be improved if you close all other apps, tabs and windows, and make the browser window full screen.

On signing into the hub, you'll see a short intro text (and a donation button). Scroll down to see every individual programme in the season, listed in chronological order. An indication is given of how long before a programme is available, or for how long it will remain available. Once a programme is no longer available it will drop to the bottom of the screen.

Click on each programme for further information, including a full synopsis and content notes. 

If you wish to play a programme click the large yellow PLAY button. Alternatively you can select individual films with the small PLAY button under each synopsis.

On clicking PLAY you will be taken to the hub player. There is a Full Screen button in the top right corner, and a Back button in the top left corner, which returns you to the programme page. To exit Full Screen press the Esc key on your keyboard.

Quality settings
If you are experiencing buffering delays, lag, stuttering or fuzzy images, check the Quality settings button, bottom right of player. We recommend setting it to Auto, which will adjust the video to the best quality available for your current Internet connection and processing speed. If Auto is not available, switch to one of the lower quality options.

The hub uses the Vimeo player. If you are still experiencing playback issues you may find Vimeo's trouble-shooting page useful.

When the programme comes to an end, you will automatically be returned to the hub home page.

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