Image for Techno-Fix: Obscured Connections (N/C 15+)


Techno-Fix: Obscured Connections (N/C 15+)

26 March


Techno-Fix: Obscured Connections

Sat 26 March | 18.45 | Civic House

To buy tickets follow this link and click on the event time.

Complementing All Light, Everywhere and Camille & Ulysse, Techno-Fix further delves into the potentials and threats of technologies and the digital world in relation to our bodies, oppression, and liberation.

Obscured Connections explores lesser-known and often hidden relationships between technological developments, state control, surveillance and colonialism. Tying in with the interrogation of ‘seeing’ and objectivity in All Light, Everywhere, Haig Aivazian’s All of your Stars are but Dust on my Shoes traces connections between light and policing, while Louis Henderson and Filipa César’s Sunstone links the development of optical technologies to military and colonialism. The peculiar abstract and poetic As Birds Flying (Heba Y. Amin) is inspired by an innocent stork suspected of carrying an espionage device over Egyptian territory, and Tabita Rezaire’s style essay Deep Down Tidal reflects on the relationship between modern communication cable networks and old colonial routes. 

Curated by Sanne Jehoul

All of your Stars are but Dust on my Shoes

A sensorial meditation on how the public administration of light and darkness became an essential policing tool.

Deep Down Tidal

Deep Down Tidal excavates the power of water as a conductive interface for communication.

As Birds Flying

​In late 2013, Egyptian authorities detained a migratory stork suspected of espionage due to an electronic device attached to its leg.


​Sunstone tracks Fresnel lenses from their site of production to their exhibition in a museum of lighthouses and navigational devices.

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