Image for Techno-Fix: By Extension (N/C 15+)


Techno-Fix: By Extension (N/C 15+)

27 March


Techno-Fix: By Extension

Sun 27 March | 16.15 | Civic House

To buy tickets follow this link and click on the event time.

Complementing All Light, Everywhere and Camille & Ulysse, Techno-Fix further delves into the potentials and threats of technologies and the digital world in relation to our bodies, state and corporate control, and liberation.

By Extension combines techno-optimistic and techno-sceptic narratives on how technologies can extend and amplify the body and the physical world, reflecting on ideas of progress and preservation. Kicking it off is Nicolas Gourault’s VO, an unsettling reflection on automation and labour through the humans behind self-driving cars; meanwhile in Deniz Tortum and Kathryn Hamilton’s essay Our Ark we consider the potential use of modern tech to digitally archive our planet as we hurdle towards collapse. But who for? There is a belief in better in Ursula Mayer’s Atom Spirit, which connects to the cyborgian visions of Donna Haraway (see Camille & Ulysse) through a speculative narrative that ties together ecology, queerness and techno-science. A real-world current-day hopeful vision comes in Tracing Utopia, which documents a group of young queer people who build virtual spaces for safety, community and empowerment. 

Curated by Sanne Jehoul


A deadly accident between a self-driving car and a pedestrian sets off an investigation about the role of human workers in the training of driverless cars.

Our Ark

​We are backing up the planet, creating 3D models of animals, rainforests, cities and people.

Atom Spirit

Atom Spirit is a speculative narrative set in a near future of increasing biomedical innovation.

Tracing Utopia

A group of teenagers discuss their ideas of a queer utopia.

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