Image for Eco-spectrality: Tentacular Frequencies (N/C 15+)


Eco-spectrality: Tentacular Frequencies (N/C 15+)

27 March


Eco-spectrality: Tentacular Frequencies

Sun 27 March | 14.00 | Civic House

To buy tickets follow this link and click on the event time.

Despite the ingeniously bogus stories of dolphins taking over Venice’s “clean” canals and our temporary re-attunement with the sounds of the more-than-human in silent quarantined cities, we are still rapidly driving towards ecological collapse and mass extinction, with a shared sense of apathy. Are we perhaps entering an eco-hangover or eco-frustration, driven by the restrictions of the temporal and spatial logic of Western society, not to mention its corporate green-washing? How do we start to really care and act in solidarity, escaping the capitalist death race?

This second Eco-spectrality programme focuses on the shared and sometimes ruined landscapes of humans and more-than‐humans, opening up a door to inhabit the spatial, temporal and spiritual realms alien to our sensibility. From an animistic portrait of a mountain groaning about its colonial history in Tellurian Drama, to the moles' vibratory world in Earth Swimmers. We find love rituals between trees led by children in the Mayan forest in Heart (Yollotl), and a tapestry of acoustic ecology in For the Animals.

Curated by Ane Lopez (A+E Collective)

Captioned for d/Deaf viewers

Earth Swimmers

​Earth Swimmers attends to the tricks and techniques that mole catchers use to access the underground world of the mole.

Tellurian Drama

​Tellurian Drama is an eclectic essay film on the vital role of mountain in history.

For The Animals

Ambient sound is all around us, from buzzing insects to airplanes overhead. Our days are filled with noises, yet there is so much more we cannot hear.


Heart connects the past and the present through a love story inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and testimonials from children who live in the Mayan rainforest.

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